Board of Directors

Brian Pahl

Brian Pahl is an educator who is passionate about creating authentic, relevant, and culturally responsive learning environments. During 8 years in the elementary classroom, Brian witnessed firsthand the power of digital technology to deepen student learning and improve students' connection with people and places around the world. Currently serving as the Technology Integration Teacher on Special Assignment for Bellingham Public Schools, he cherishes the opportunity to work with students, staff, and families in Bellingham and to demonstrate how the meaningful use of technology can enhance teaching and learning. Brian is supporting the roll out of Bellingham's 1:1 Student Technology Initiative and is working to ensure it increases access to content and participation for all students and that it decreases the digital divide. Feeling the need to fulfill his own love of learning, Brian recently earned a Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis in literacy from Western Washington University where he was named Outstanding Graduate. This led to an opportunity for Brian to teach Instructional Technology courses at WWU and share his ed tech pedagogy and his love of the teaching profession with pre-service teachers. When not getting his geek on, he loves reading, getting dirty in the garden, geocaching, and hiking with his wife and daughters.