Cindy Etherton

Cindy Etherton has always been inspired by the idea of “What if…”. That idea motivated her during her years teaching elementary, middle and at-risk high school students in Oregon. “What if…” helps her to push the boundaries of content requirement possibilities and as she collaborates with her colleagues. Beyond the classroom, Cindy supported Oregon teachers as an ORVSD trainer while, outside of Oregon, she continues to provide ongoing support to districts through K12 Launch. While she rarely sits still in her role as an Innovative Learning Strategist for Salem-Keizer Public Schools. She is passionate about providing the best support to other teachers as they envision their own “what if…” projects. Since her arrival, Salem-Keizer has implemented many new technology protocols, tools and a mentoring program. She is both humbled and challenged by the IT professionals and educators that she works alongside. You can find Cindy exploring her next “what if’s” with the help of her Twitter, Yammer and Google+ colleagues, energetic family, and chocolate.