Martin Horejsi

Barely able to start his lawnmower, Martin Horejsi, currently an Associate Professor in Instructional Technology at the University of Montana in Missoula, brings a vast wealth of experience to the NCCE Board of Directors. His passions include writing, photography, collecting meteorites, and racing mountain bikes.  When he was younger, he was a competitive downhill ski racer.

Along with his University job, Martin also designs curriculum for NASA, but perhaps one of the most amazing experiences he had was being invited to be a Mentor in the Adventures of the Mind with along with some of the brightest, most amazing Nobel Prize winners, actors, actresses and athletes. He describes Adventures of the Mind as TED for high school students.

He has done research on the Classroom application of computer peripherals, Digital imaging as an assessment tool, and the Internet and presentation applications in the elementary school classroom. He has made a life of using, watching, and envisioning how great education can be, especially with technology driving the dreams of teachers and students alike. He is a columnist and blogger for the National Science Teacher’s Association addressing technology and its impact across education. He teaches many undergraduate and graduate courses about and with technology including many online courses. I am the former director of the Montana Schools e-Learning Consortium (now the Montana Digital Academy). Martin earned his Ed. D at Idaho State University and dreams of traveling through space.