Professional Learning Specialists

Ronald Legaspi

Instructional Technology Coach
Downey Unified School District
Long Beach, CA

Hello, my name is Ronald Legaspi and I’m a teacher on special assignment as an Instructional Technology Coach (ITC) at Downey Unified School District in California. I started my teaching career as a computer lab instructor at Rio Hondo Elementary in Downey, California. In this role, I taught students basic comupter skills ranging from how to click a mouse to typing and formatting a Word document.

After 5 years at the elementary level, I was given the opportunity to move to West Middle School. There I taught 6th graders introduction to technology. I also instructed 7th and 8th graders how to film short news or information video clips, edit them, then broadcast them live on a 10 minute closed circuit television show, called West TV. For my achievements with my students on West TV, I won the Golden Bell Award for Best Middle School TV Program in Southern California in 2007. I also taught a STEM class called Project Lead the Way: Gateway to Technology.

After 5 years at West Middle School, I was given the chance to work at the distrcit level as an ITC. Now I am able to work with teachers on how to incorporate technology into their lesson plans. I find that it is imperative that the teachers in my district are comfortable teaching with technology and using technolgy with their students. My goal is for students to walk away with the idea that technology is a productivity tool, rather than merely something they use for social media and games.