Professional Learning Specialists

Colleen Kaplan

Colleen Kaplan is a technology integration specialist at St. Francis High School in Wheaton, IL. Prior to that, she worked as a technology integrationist for Byron CUSD #226 and as an English-Language Arts teacher in the Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools.  In her current role, she is part of a team that rolled out a 1:1 program using Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices and, since then, has become a self-proclaimed Microsoft OneNote Evangelist! Her position as a technology integration specialist allows Colleen to work closely with representatives from Microsoft in order to provide other teachers and administrators a “peek” into a school that is successfully running on Microsoft Office 365 for Education.  Through “technology open houses” and professional development sessions, she brings her enthusiasm for effective and purposeful technology integration and her passion for teaching to all that she does. 

Colleen is a Microsoft Innovative Educator and WGN-TV “Teacher of the Month” award winner.  She specializes in leveraging Web 2.0 tools and Microsoft Office 365 for Education products, especially OneNote Classroom Notebooks, for effective integration of technology into the classroom