Professional Learning Specialists

Wendell Sumter

Wendell Sumter
Principal Fellow
Columbia, SC

Wendell B. Sumter hails from the Palmetto State of Columbia, SC, the Capital City of the Carolinas! He has devoted his entire professional career to public education and preparing students for the next realm of academic excellence. Mr. Sumter holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Morris College and a Master’s Degree of Education from the University of SC.

A twenty year veteran, Mr. Sumter has taught second, fourth, and sixth Grade. Leaving the classroom, Mr. Sumter moved into a leadership role where he served as an Assistant Principal for Lower Richland High School in Hopkins, South Carolina, Principal in Chester County at Great Falls Middle School, and is currently serving as the Principal of Great Falls Elementary School, Great Falls, SC. Mr. Sumter has been able to take faculty, staff, and students from good to great and from great to world class achievers! The school has achieved several accolades and designations under his leadership. NetScope Professional Development School, 2012 Microsoft Innovative School, 2013 Microsoft Mentor School, and he is a Microsoft Principal Fellow.

After these special designations, Mr. Sumter, served as a catalyst and inspirational agent for the Chester County School District’s Hi-Tech (Helping Integrate Technology Education and Careers) Program. The program is a 1:1 initiative designed to provide ubiquitous access for the entire Chester County School District Community.  

Mr. Sumter is a motivational speaker, faculty and staff morale booster, and a confident and proven leader. He has spoken at many schools, districts and professional conferences. Mr. Sumter masterfully practices the art of educating and preparing students to achieve the unreachable.