NCCE General Membership Meeting at NCCE 2014
Friday, March 14, 2014
7:45 AM

NCCE President Betsy Goeltz welcomed everyone and introduced board members.

A motion to open the meeting was made by David Walddon and seconded by Martin Horesji. Motion carried.

Minutes from the 2013 membership meeting were shared. Clancy Wolf moved that the minutes be approved. Debbie Wrobel seconded, and the motion carried.

CEO Heidi Rogers gave the executive director report. Heidi introduced the staff and thanked the tech team as well as the many volunteers who make the NCCE conference possible. Heidi informed members that in addition to the annual conference, NCCE provides expansion activities such as free training from Microsoft and the Library of Congress.

President Betsy Goeltz excused herself to prepare for the closing keynote session, so Past-President David Walddon took over chairing the meeting.

David introduced the nominees to the Board, and each shared a few comments.
•    Elementary representative Morgan Larsen (unopposed)
•    Higher education representative Martin Horesji (unopposed)

Jean Bengfort moved that approved the slate of candidates be approved; Clancy Wolf seconded. Motion carried.

David Walddon informed members in attendance that voting for the Board opens March 28 and closes April 12 at midnight; a link will be sent out to all members in late March.

David Walddon reminded everyone to visit the vendors and to fill out the pages of the coupon book in the packet they received at registration.  Vendors are a vital part of the conference and provide an opportunity to learn about new products that one might otherwise not encounter.

Board member Jim Saffeels spoke about proposed changes to organizational bylaws:

The board proposes to change the language concerning the slate of board candidates to make it open ended. Saffeels stated that 99 percent of similar organizations have this language.

Also proposed was a change in bylaw wording from executive director to Chief Executive Officer.

Kimberley Rose moved to accept proposed changes to language concerning slate of candidates. Debbie Wrobel seconded. Motion carried.

Kimberley Rose moved that NCCE bylaw wording be changed from executive director to Chief Executive Officer. Virginia Petitt seconded. Motion carried.

Jim moved to adjourn, Alan seconded. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Petitt