(Approved 3/24/2017)

NCCE General Membership Meeting at NCCE 2016
Thursday, February 25, 2016
12:20 PM

NCCE President Richard Snyder called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone and introduced board members.

Minutes from the 2015 membership meeting were shared. A motion for approval was made and carried.

CEO Heidi Rogers gave the executive director report.  Heidi thanked everyone for attending then introduced staff.  In particular, she called out Eric Chambers our Director of eRate and Special Services – a new service NCCE is offering, and Jean Bengfort, our Conference Program Director.

Heidi thanked all of the volunteers who makes the conference happen.

Heidi reported that the organization is strong and growing.  She reported that in the last twelve months, NCCE has conducted over 800 days of Professional Development around the country and its territories – with 2 to 3 programs, on average, offered on any one day,  Thanks to Becky Firth, NCCE’s Director of Professional Development.

Heidi thanked Richard and the Board for encouraging staff to try new programs and projects – the Virgin Islands project in particular.

Christopher Rossetta presented some changes to the By-Laws that will be on the ballot.  In addition to several cosmetic changes, there are two structural amendments.  One allows the organization to communicate about the annual meeting via electronic communications, and the second will widen the pool of people who can serve as ESD Representative to the NCCE Board.  Specific text and changes will be on the ballot to be distributed in mid-March.

Morgen Larson presented the slate of nominees for the three positions that are opening on the Board.  She acknowledged Jeff Miller for serving on the committee with here to present these candidates:

  • K-12 District Technology Rep:
    • Adrienne Gifford
    • Jane Miller
  • ESD Representative
    • Molly Berger
    • Virginia Pettit
  • At-Large Representative
    • Cindy Etherton
    • Janet Avery

All nominees spoke.

Richard called for nominees from the floor.  With no nominations from the floor, a motion was made and seconded to accept the slate of candidates as presented.  The motion passed.

Richard again thanked everyone for attending the Conference and encouraged everyone to visit the Exhibit Hall.

A drawing was held for a new iPad Mini and the winner was Rita R.

Motion to adjourn.   Seconded and passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathie O'Brien