NCCE Staff

Bobby Myers

Director of Operations

I am the Director of Operations and chief luggage carrier for NCCE. I started my career with NCCE in 2014 and could not be happier to find myself working for an organization dedicated to helping fueling teacher success in the classroom. Though I preface that I have zero classroom experience, my focus is to highlight the extraordinary work NCCE accomplishes as well as facilitating the events NCCE hosts to grow the organization’s presence both regionally and nationally. My business background allows me the ability to support an education-focused organization through the shadows of logistics and project management and I’m blessed that this role exists here at NCCE.

I grew up in small-town USA, moving throughout Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana relishing a childhood that only the outdoors of the Northwest could provide. I graduated from the University of Idaho with degrees in marketing and human resource management before completing my MBA in 2017.

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