Conference Proposal Guidelines

NCCE Conference 2018 Proposal Guidelines

The NCCE Conference is an opportunity to showcase proven instructional strategies and technology resources that have a positive impact on learning.  The NCCE Conference Committee invites you to share your knowledge and expertise by presenting at NCCE 2018. We are providing the following information to assist you in submitting your proposal.

NCCE provides a OneNote notebook for conference attendees to access resources shared in sessions, workshops, academies and summits.  You should be prepared to provide a URL that is a link to your resources prior to the conference.  It is also important that you accurately indicate the difficultly level for participants with your description, i.e. beginner, intermediate, advanced or appropriate for all audiences.

NCCE will provide a basic presentation set-up with a projector, screen, mic and sound system and wireless presenter Internet.  You will need to bring a laptop or mobile device. The NCCE schedule only allows 10 minutes between presenters. It is important that you have your device ready to connect to the projector. You may need to have a mini display port adapter to connect.

Types of Presentations

  • Session
    Sessions are 50 minutes in length and designed for you to share information and interact with attendees on a topic in which you have expertise. Session rooms are typically set up in theatre seating and rooms range in size from 60 to 400 seats.  Most attendees will have a mobile device to access resources that you provide or take notes for their own learning.  Plan to provide a link to resources that you share for posting in the conference OneNote notebook.

You may have more than one person presenting at the session, but only the main presenter will receive a discount on conference registration.

  • Hands-on Workshop
    Workshops are 1 hour and 50 minutes in length. Workshops are offered to provide attendees with an opportunity to learn a new skill or take a deeper dive into a topic. Workshops are held in a lab set-up with classroom seating for up to 45 participants.

Two types of labs are available – either a PC lab requiring specific software for learning (you will be asked to provide the name of any specific software that needs to be installed) or a BYOD lab where participants bring their own device and install necessary apps or software prior to the workshop. (You will need to provide the names of any apps or software for BYOD lab attendees prior to the conference.)

Plan to provide a link to resources that you share for posting in the conference OneNote notebook.  You may have more than one person presenting at the workshop, but only the main presenter will receive a $150 stipend and a complimentary conference registration.

  • IGNITE Session

IGNITE sessions are 5-minute fast-paced presentations that are intended to “Ignite” the passion, curiosity, and interest of the audience in a creative and unexpected way.  Each presenter will have exactly 20 slides that automatically advance after 15 seconds.  Each IGNITE session has a conference volunteer that will facilitate the session by introducing the presenters, ensuring presentations are ready, and leading a brief opportunity for questions.  IGNITE session rooms are typically theatre seating ranging in size from 60 to 400 seats.

IGNITE presenters should plan to provide a link to your any resources that you share for posting in the conference OneNote notebook.

  • Summits and Academies

NCCE also offers Summits and Academies which are a full day of professional development. NCCE works directly with educators and companies to plan and deliver this in-depth learning.  Contact Bobby Myers ( if you are interested in offering a summit or academy.


  • Leadership
  • Professional development
  • Emerging trends
  • Promising practices
  • IT/Technology support
  • Coaching strategies
  • Gaming/Coding/Makerspace
  • Mobile devices/1:1
  • CTE
  • Microsoft tools and resources
  • Google tools and resources
  • Brain research
  • Teacher librarian

Selection Process

  1. You MUST submit your proposal online and on time. The timeline for submitting an NCCE proposal is posted on our website.
  2. Provide a well-written description of your proposal. This information appears in the conference app and on the conference website. We recommend writing your description offline so you can proof and spell check your document.
  3. Be specific about the focus of your presentation. Space is limited, so be brief.
  4. This is your opportunity to generate interest in your presentation, so make your proposal unique!
  5. Proposals are reviewed and selected by a volunteer selection committee of NCCE members along with the Conference Program Director.
  6. You will be notified by email if your proposal is selected for the conference. You will then be asked to accept NCCE’s invitation to present.  Please make sure you have the necessary approvals from your district or organization beforehand.

Selection Criteria

  1. The proposal description is complete, clearly stated and of interest to attendees.
  2. The topic is current, a proven best practice or an exciting emerging trend in educational technology.
  3. The proposal description convinces the reader that the presenter has a solid understanding of the topic and has an ability to engage and inspire the audience.
  4. The topic is a fit for the focus areas for the conference.

If you have additional questions, you may contact Jean Bengfort, Conference Program Director, at