Minecraft Education Edition
One Day Teacher Academy

Wednesday, 8:30-3:30 pm

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Minecraft CommunityConsidering Minecraft: Education Edition? Come learn the how, why and what around using this tool that supports creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking in the classroom. Participants are invited to this academy to experience Minecraft: Education Edition as a learner by placing your first blocks and collaborative team builds. Through hands-on experiences participants engage in Minecraft for teaching and learning using best practices for managing Minecraft: Education Edition in the classroom, formative assessment tools, and lesson simulations to make content meaningful. Participants will also gain the necessary knowledge around available resources to support them on their beginning Minecraft: Education Edition Journey.

1 Day Topic Descriptions:

Placing Your First Blocks: Learn Minecraft controls, settings, and complete a tutorial to gain fluency with the game.

Managing Minecraft: Beginners: Learn about feature blocks and settings that allow the teacher specific abilities to control the game in the individual learning environment as well as the specifics that may be required by the content or learning objective.

Classroom Build Challenges: Complete activities from a set of 30+ classroom build challenges available with Minecraft: Education Edition you can take back to your classrooms. Connections made to content areas.

Minecraft LessonsAssessment with Minecraft: Learn education-specific features and functionality to document learning and empower accountable robust learning experiences.

Collaborative (Multiplayer) Gameplay with Minecraft: Complete a group build challenge and experience the power of collaboration.

Lesson Simulation: Literacy, Social Emotional or Applying Minecraft to Math Lesson: Learn what it might be like to be a student using Minecraft: Education Edition in an actual Lesson and how it can tie to content.

Minecraft Lesson Plans: Review Lesson Plans on the Minecraft: Education Edition website and consider how that lesson lends itself to Project Based Learning and the use of Minecraft: Education Edition.

Supporting Educators: Continuing the Minecraft Journey: Learn what is available to educators to support them to continue their learning in Minecraft: Education Edition.