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Neuroscience of Learning

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Scientists and neuroscientists have made amazing discoveries about how the human brain learns. Evidence of recent methodological changes derived from brain-centric models has produced results, which are always significant, and often breath taking.

Translate the most significant of these discoveries into practical teaching that results in powerful improvements in education for both teachers and students.

Join Dr. Timothy Kieran O’Mahony, Missy Widmann and Conn McQuinn, for a day of learning how to translate neuroscientific research and brain-aligned strategies into the classroom. This Neuroscience of Learning Summit is the first step in improving educational outcomes for all students by empowering them to access their potential by understanding the brain.

Dr. Kieran O’Mahony

A fellow of the Royal Geographic Society UK, and a research fellow at the LIFE Center, University of Washington, Dr. O’Mahony explores the intersection of learning sciences, environmental education, and neuroscience. Recent research focuses on socio-cultural perspectives on cognition, learning, and technology in formal and informal learning environments.

Missy Widmann

Missy Widmann has always had a passion for education, technology, neuroscience, health, fitness, and community. Fortunately, her newest endeavor includes all of them. Missy currently serves as an educational consultant, supporting teachers and schools in integrative technology. She is also embarking on an adventure as a partner in Neural Education. Her collaboration in Neural Education includes developing a platform for the Challenge Mosaic Brain Engagement model, creating open education resources, and providing innovative professional development for our educational community. The vision of the Neural Education is to promote equity and personalization for K-20+ education.

Conn McQuinn

Conn McQuinn is a consultant and the owner of McQuinnable Educational Services. He has degrees in science and education and over 40 years of experience in science and technology education at the Pacific Science Center and Puget Sound Educational Service District. He has taught hundreds of workshops on educational technology, personalized learning, Makerspaces, and more, and has been an active participant in NCCE programs since 1983. For the last decade he has increasingly focused on how we can use neuroscience to empower everyone in the school community - teachers, students, administrators, and parents - to create classrooms where all can flourish.


Challenge 1

• Structure before Function - Facilitate Neural Structures for access to Executive Function
• Storytelling - for cognitive engagement
• Kinesthetic Activities connected to Content
• Report out: Break into 3-5 groups. Invite other Neural Educators to facilitate.

Lunch with Intentional Sensory exercise for Mindfulness

Challenge 2

• Dr. Boyce’s research related to Differential Neurobiological Susceptibility to Social Context
• Orchid and Dandelion
• Makerspaces (engaging students who are highly sensitive)
• Kinesthetic Activities connected to Content
• Report out: Break up into 3-5 groups. Invite other Neural Educators to facilitate.

Join us on March 4 for this one day summit!

Summit Only: $300
Summit + Conference: $450 (before Feb. 4th)
Summit + Conference: $500 (after Feb. 4th)

Groups are encouraged! Ask us about scholarships and group discounts.