The cybersecurity portion of the summit during the Certified Cybersecurity Rubric Evaluator (CCRE) training is an essential component of the course, emphasizing the critical role of cybersecurity in the education sector. As a CCRE, you will learn to evaluate and assess cybersecurity measures within school systems, ensuring the safety and privacy of educational institutions. This training equips you with valuable skills and knowledge to contribute to the enhancement of cybersecurity in public education.

Throughout the cybersecurity portion of the summit, you will:

1. **Identify potential objectivity threats:** You will gain the ability to recognize and address potential biases or subjective influences in cybersecurity assessments. This ensures a fair and unbiased evaluation process, vital for maintaining the integrity of school system cybersecurity.

2. **Apply questioning techniques and emotional intelligence to interview questions:** Effective communication and interviewing techniques are crucial in gathering comprehensive information about a school system’s cybersecurity practices. You will learn to ask relevant questions and navigate interviews with sensitivity and emotional intelligence.

3. **Assign maturity levels for categories according to submitted evidence:** This skill allows you to categorize and evaluate the cybersecurity practices of school systems based on concrete evidence. It enables you to provide a structured assessment of their current cybersecurity posture.

4. **Conduct in-depth cybersecurity rubric evaluations for school systems:** You will develop the ability to conduct thorough and comprehensive evaluations of a school system’s cybersecurity infrastructure. This involves a systematic assessment of various aspects, from data protection to network security.

5. **Conduct and deliver an Evaluation Report based on evaluation findings:** As a CCRE, you will be responsible for delivering a detailed Evaluation Report to school systems. This report will summarize your findings, recommendations, and suggested improvements, helping schools enhance their cybersecurity measures.

Overall, the CCRE training equips you with the skills and expertise needed to contribute positively to the future of cybersecurity in public education. Your role as a third-party evaluator ensures that school systems can provide a secure and safe learning environment for students and staff, aligning with the broader mission of public education in the 21st century.