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Vendor Questions with Answers


Yakama Nation Tribal School

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April 21, 2017

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April 24, 2017

Vendor Questions with Answers

Q1. Is there a drawing available for the project?

R1. Yes, I will send you one via email If anyone else would like to request a copy please send an email to echambers@ncce.org.

Q2. Is there any chance of an additional walkthrough?

R2. Sorry, but we only do one walkthrough.

Q3. Can you provide clarification on section

“ Switches: When increasing the quantity of WAPs above current levels, additional 1Gbps POE switch ports must be added.”

R3. The District is looking for a complete solution – if your design involves additional WAPs you must ensure that your proposal includes adequate switching.

Q4. Does the project require any cable runs exceeding 300 ft from a switch?


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