NCCE Promise


The NCCE Promise


NCCE Professional Learning Specialists


NCCE Staff Promise to You

Commit to signing up for five trainings for the year July 2020-June 2021 


  • Assign trainings based on expertise in a timely manner 


  • Job listing marked assigned once filled 


  • Negotiate best training rates on contracts with partners, districts, or schools 


  • Actively seek district training engagements 


  • Actively seek partner and grant funding opportunities 


  • Create meaningful long-term project opportunities 


  • Provide a consistent digital space to locate training materials and to collaborate 


Be active on monthly professional learning specialist calls and/or visit the NCCE Trainer Library to view monthly calls and shared resources 


  • Place call schedule in NCCE Team and send invites in mid-October for the year 


  • Build capacity in professional learning knowledge 


  • Share content learning and updates monthly 


  • Answer and provide clarity around policies and procedures 


  • Schedule various presenters to share from an authentic educator voice 


  • Differentiate content presented and give opportunities for choice 


  • Provide a Trainer Share-out” session on monthly calls to promote voice diversity 


  • Record and post trainer call for viewing at your own pace and place 


  • Share information on all NCCE current events and programs on a monthly basis 


Promote NCCE on Social Media 

  • Follow NCCE’s Social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram 
  • Like NCCE Posts 
  • Share NCCE Posts that would benefit your followers 
  • Create posts as part of our efforts to reach more educators with your authentic voice 
  • Share your colleague’s efforts and celebrations 


  We strive to champion you professionally! 


Allows NCCE to: 


  • Amplify trainers that are active on social media, utilizing our followers to promote your NCCE and District training work 


  • Amplify your voice broadly on social media when you share information and resources  


  • Leverage social media presence to increase training opportunities 


  • Maintain and promote events and trainings on NCCE Professional Learning Website 


  • Provide a line of communication for trainers to share events that can be shared socially by NCCE 


Sign Loyalty Agreement 

(this covers competitors and soliciting districts on personal behalf) 

  • Provide access to numerous opportunities placed on the shared trainer sign up 


  • Provide business benefits (title, business cards, logo clothing, and liability insurance in order to be in districts, etc.) 


  • Provide scheduling and planning assistance with districts 


  • Publish professional picture and bio on the NCCE website 


  • Opportunities to provide feedback in 360 evaluations from all NCCE departments in December and in July 


  • Provide a training library collection for 

            professional learning specialists 


  • Provide a training resource area in the NCCE Trainer Team to collectively sharprofessional resources  


  • Collection and distribution of partner and district payments based on individual agreements 


  • Provide a yearly accounting of NCCE Tax Earnings and document for the IRS 


Professional Growth 

Acquire certifications of choice 


  • Offer increased PL knowledge opportunities 
  • Microsoft training events for trainers 
  • Microsoft Certifications 
  • Google Certifications 
  • Book studies 
  • Full access to NCCE Virtual Learning opportunities for FREE 


  • Build professional relationships while maintaining a family style working environment 


  • Recognize achievements of our NCCE trainers through social media posts, internal announcements and trainer call spotlights 


  • Provide support as you grow your professional career 


  • Assign jobs that recognize a trainer’s expertise 


  • Provide opportunities to create and/or facilitate eLearning courses within the NCCE LMS 


  • Support Higher Education Institutions with professional learning services 


  • Provide leaderships opportunities: 
  • Lead monthly trainer calls 
  • Lead NCCE Live planning 
  • Lead Trainer Summit planning 
  • Lead other short-term events as they arise  
  • Design professional learning experiences 


Plan, be prepared, execute at a high/expert quality, be diligent in reporting training numbers and redemption of codes   
  • Provide contracts and calendar invites to trainers 


  • Provide efficient billing and travel processes 


  • Provide planning channels, sessions and recordings for trainer convenience  


  • Provide additional leadership opportunities 


  • Support increased trainer compensation 


NCCE Conference & Other Events on behalf of NCCE 


Present, when possible, at the NCCE Conference 


Assist in promoting NCCE conference events 


Present at Live from NCCE 

  • Promote NCCE trainers at NCCE Sponsored Events: 
  • Spotlight NCCE Trainers as Featured Speakers 
  • Acknowledge NCCE Trainers in the NCCE Conference Program 
  • Special Guest access to conference events sponsored by NCCE 
  • Provida free conference registration at the annual NCCE Conference which is the largest Ed tech event in the Pacific Northwest** 

**For Trainers Promoting and Staying at the NCCE hotel, preferred 

Promote NCCE & Membership   
  • Provide yearly updated NCCE assets to share face to face with customers as well as digitally 


  • Define a clear message around the NCCE Mission and Vision 


  • Provide weekly updated content on the NCCE website 


  • Building our collective efficacy by continuing to seek and onboard expert trainers 


  • NCCE Professional Learning Specialists receive a free NCCE Organization Membership 


Observe Security and Data Policies 




  • NCCE staff will attend all partner and compliance trainings on behalf of NCCE and take responsibility for all services rendered 


  • Continue to stay in compliance with our current partners and future partners to ensure continued work opportunities 


Take on Active Leadership and Mentor roles   
  • Recognize Efforts  


  • Additional signature badge and indication on NCCE Website