Introduction to Programming Using Java in Preparation for Certification


Face to Face professional learning experience for all educators seeking curriculum and resources to introduce Java to their students. Students will have the opportunity to dive into interesting conceptual ideas in building software solutions and learn an industry standard language and method of writing code this is in high demand in the tech industry.

This two day professional learning experience not only prepares educators for delivering the course even if they may have limited computer science background but also enables educators steps to prepare for the certification themselves.

Day 1

Part 1: Pre-Test and Analyzing Results for Individual Study Plan for Certification

Part 2: Overview of MSIA

Part 3: Unpacking Lessons 1 -5 of Course


Day 2

Part 4: Digging Deeper into available curriculum and resources while unpacking Modules 6 to 20

Part 5: Customizing curriculum to fit into your classroom and Best Practices

Part 6: Post Test to identify strengths and areas for growth

Part 7: Application of Content with choice of:

  • Completing an Individual Study Plan for Certification
  • Mapping Curriculum for Course Delivery in your classroom
  • Sitting for the Certification Exam

Audience: All

Featured Tool(s)

Microsoft Imagine Academy

Available As:

Onsite Training