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CloudCraft for Minecraft: Education Edition


The On-Demand lesson is now live!  We are so excited to share this unique content with you!  When you access the linked form and share with us where your class will be participating, you will instantly receive access to a pre-lesson checklist and the recording!  We are so excited for you and your students to experience this amazing world!


For CSEdWeek in the US, the Microsoft Datacenter Community Development team has partnered with NCCE to provide live lessons and share CloudCraft for Minecraft: Education Edition with classes and students in the United States. 

This single-player Minecraft game is appropriate for students of all ages, and most learners will complete it in about 45 minutes. 

The immersive experience plunges students into the mysterious world of datacenters. They wake up as a newly hired employees at a freshly constructed facility in a small town. They hurry to work, and their boss welcomes them with alerts to a series of emergencies facing the datacenter. She needs their help to get the facility in working order! 

Get ready for NCCE to help to teach your students how datacenters power the cloud and enrich their communities! 

Lesson #1

Lesson #2



For More Information: https://bit.ly/cloudcraftmee 

Cloudcraft Minecraft Education Edition World and Educator Resources – https://education.minecraft.net/en-us/lessons/cloudcraft 

Cloudcraft: Unravels the Mysteries of Microsoft Data Centers in Minecraft – https://education.minecraft.net/en-us/blog/cloud-craft 

Registration Links

November 30th 2pm EST

On-Demand - December 5th-9th

December 13th 11am EST

Cloudcraft Information Presentation by Jamie Wright



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