Crossroads of History Project

Using Primary Sources to Determine the Effects of Native American Boarding Schools


Overview: This unit of study consisits of 5 activities to investigate the effects of Native American Boarding Schools on the individual, the family, and the community. Students will analyze before and after pictures of indigenous students, primary source comments given by boarding school survivors, and historic newspapers to asertain attitudes towards Native Americans during this time period. Middle school students will conclude with a short writing assignment. Secondary students will prepare an essay that relates the attitudes of the time to the practices in Native American Boarding Schools. This is an emotionally difficult subject and special care should be taken if you have Native students in your classrooms, as this topic is traumatic for families who have survived this experience. See Multicultural Considerations before beginning.

Subject: English Language Arts, U.S. History

Level: Middle School, High School

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Lecture Notes, Lesson Plan, Primary Source, Reading, Teaching/Learning Strategy, Unit of Study