Many educators are rethinking what teaching and learning look like. Come explore many digital tools that can help teachers differentiate instructions to reach every student on-site or remotely. Participants will learn how to effectively and efficiently set up a virtual learning space to (or "where they can"?) facilitate interactive lessons and personal experiences for their students, parents/guardians, and colleagues. This course leads teachers through best practices of online management and organization of a virtual classroom while creating interactive lessons, activities, and assessments using Google Classroom. The course can take from 2-4 hours per week, but depends largely on how much time you want to spend playing in the Google environment and collaborating with fellow educators.

This course runs for six weeks. New assignments will be posted each Monday and due the following, however, due dates are flexible. We realize that life happens and sometimes you need a few extra days to complete your work. Sticking to the due dates is highly recommended so you don't fall behind and because your classmates will be looking forward to collaborating with you. The instructor will be online daily to answer questions and offer feedback. Please do not hesitate to reach out.


Next Cohort begins January 11, 2021!

Course Outline:

gc week1

Week 1: Welcome Superstars

This week includes an overview of Google Classroom, introductions, and exploring our Classroom.

Week 2: Through The Eyes Of A Student

This week includes an overview of the student side of Google Classroom Chrome browser & mobile app. Meet your classmates and “Jam” with them.

Week 3: Work Smarter Not Harder

This week includes an overview of the teacher side of Google Classroom Chrome Browser & mobile app.

Week 4: Communication Is The Key To Success

This week includes an overview of the communication features in Google Classroom. Get a little practice with settings & permissions to personalize your digital presence.

Week 5: Let’s Get Organized & Interactive

This week includes an overview of organization and folder management in Google Drive & Google Classroom. Added bonus, build interactive lessons and explore video feedback options.

Week 6: Add-ons Extensions & Beyond

This week includes an overview of add-ons & extensions in Google Classroom. Use these awesome tools to personalize your banner and create interactive Google Slides.