Higher education is always pivoting to new models of working & teaching, and investing in new technology.

NCCE makes professional learning for higher education engaging, inspiring, & applicable.

  • NCCE sessions are carefully crafted alongside the individual institution to hit at the exact aim they need.
  • Topics are presented using the inspire, explore, reflect model with the emphasis on the audience’s use cases.
  • Asynchronous support teams are put in place for institutions to continue exploring and reflecting stages with the daily support from NCCE

Effective Professional Learning will ensure these investments will bring rewards.

NCCE has reimagined professional learning for higher education with a myriad of layers for success.

As you peel back the layers, you will see how each builds on the next while creating an innovative way to reach and teach those in higher education. With over 50 years of experience in ed-tech, NCCE created these layers from decades of building best practices with educators.

NCCE Higher Education Professional Learning will:

  • Accelerate transformation
  • Provide the opportunity to adapt and grow with new technology
  • Support those transforming with these new technologies
  • Be a program for a curriculum for change

NCCE brings value to each higher education institution by focusing on the desired future state and working backward to get there. We partner with each institution to plan, execute, and follow up on application.

Contact Shannon Davenport at sdavenport@ncce.org to see what we can do to help you pivot into your next model of working.

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