SAM Labs Training

6 hour training

“SAM Labs empowers educators to connect the dots between the physical and digital world of learning.”

SAM Labs provides everything you need to deliver the most engaging STEAM learning experience to your classroom. It seamlessly connects software and hardware with lesson plans that cover a wide variety of subjects, making learning about coding accessible, experimental, interactive and fun. It connects the dots between the physical and digital world of learning. SAM Labs began in 2014 with a passion of sharing engineering with students everywhere in a way that makes understanding engineering and computer science as easy as working with Legos. Sam Labs can be used to help students explore future ready skills in an easy and manageable way allowing educators to integrate with all students and content areas.

SAM Labs is made of 3 pillars
• Great free content available to download from website
• Engaging apps available across multiple platforms
• Awesome blocks in a wide variety that pair up to the app giving physical components to create projects

SAM Labs can be applied in a wide range of subject areas and ages. From programming fundamentals to STEAM applications to core subject integration. SAM Labs has applications for all students.

Participants will:
-learn to use the basic elements of Sam Labs
-locate resources to be used for classroom application
-build connections between computational thinking and SAM Lab materials
-collaborate other educators to begin classroom application

Featured Tool(s)