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Swan River School District

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April 11, 2017

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Q1. The RFP states “a new/upgraded wired and wireless infrastructure..”, is the School looking for cabling for wired drops as well as the Wi-Fi coverage? If so, can you provide an estimate of the number of drops anticipated?

R1. Yes. Per Sections 3.11 “the District is seeking bids to update and expand the wired and wireless network. Further, in Section “the District needs new wired access points in each office and classroom and should include additional wired access points in the library and computer labs.” Please bid 2 drops to one location in each office and four drops in each classroom. Classroom drops should include 2 drops each on opposite walls. Answer pending regarding number of drops in the lab and library.

Q2. Our experience is that e-rate funding approval does not occur until October or November. The RFP requests a schedule based on a July 1, 2017 start date. Does the District expect e-rate funding approval by July 1, 2017, or was the July 1 start date given as a basis of scheduling only?

R2. July 1st is given as the earliest day to start. Actual start time will be negotiated with the winning proposer.

Q3. The walk-through is proposed for Monday, April 17th, 2017. Our key staff are omitted to other projects that day. Is there any possibility of delaying the walk-through to April 18 or later?

R3. Sorry. We only offer one walkthrough.

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