Professional Learning Specialist

Adam Blair

Adam BlairI started out teaching middle school English Language Arts in Central Florida. In just my first year of teaching, nearly 85% of my students scored at or above proficiency on their writing exams. After moving into a high school, my English students continued to excel, with the highest standardized test scores in the school. In just my fifth year teaching, every single student in my class exceeded the state requirement in writing on the standardized test. I was tasked with creating a new Career and Technical Education program in the largest high school in our district, which focused on employability skills, ethical workplace behaviors, financial implications of work as well as other soft skills needed to be successful at work. I was also tasked with coordinating and managing nearly 100 students who were involved with the on-the-job training program at the school.

In my current role, as a Personalized Learning Leader I provide a multitude of trainings on various platforms which range from basic use of Microsoft products for daily administrative use, to looking for ways to go paperless in your classroom utilizing Microsoft Teams and the Office Suite to make things more efficient.