Amy Colburn

Amy ColburnAmy Colburn began her professional career as a Chemical Engineer, working as a process engineer for oil refineries in Washington State. After deciding that she wanted a career where she could share her passion for math and science, Amy completed her Masters in Teaching through Western Washington University. Amy taught high school math, science, engineering, and CAD in the Everett School District before moving to the Anacortes School District as an Instructional Support Specialist where she works with teachers and principals to integrate
technology in meaningful ways to increase student achievement.

Amy has always had a passion for learning and collaborating with other educators. While in Everett, Amy participated in the design and implementation of problem based learning units as a STEM Fellow with the Washington Alliance for Better Schools (WABS). The following year, Amy was a teacher leader for the program, supporting other teachers through the year long learning with WABS. Amy also engaged in learning through CCSS standards leveling, National Science Foundation Faculty Institute, and ongoing professional development in STEM fields.

In the Anacortes School District, Amy continues to engage in learning for herself, but now co-plans and leads professional development for all teachers in the district. These professional development opportunities for teachers focus on the implementation of technology in meaningful ways to increase student achievement, but also include new teacher mentoring, data integration, and program/app usage.