Professional Learning Specialist

Andrea Tolley, M.A.Ed.

Andrea TolleyWhen people hear that I teach middle school students, many times their first comment is, “I feel sorry for you!” I sometimes feel where the comment comes from, however, I thoroughly enjoy teaching middle school students. They love you one day and think you are crazy the next. It’s ok because they are lovable one day and crazy the next! It’s a vicious cycle that keeps life interesting!

After earning my undergraduate degree in in K-8 education, I went back in 2006 to get my Master’s in Administration. I am currently working on a certification in Library Media. I have been teaching at Greeneville Middle School in Greeneville, Tennessee since August 2002. I served 12 years as a 7th grade ELA teach with 9 of those years being the 7th grade team leader as well, 1 year in 6th grade as an ELA teacher and team leader, and the remainder of my time at GMS I have been teaching on the Related Arts team in the Microsoft Imagine Academy. I was tasked with staring the Imagine Academy and making it what it is for our school. It has been a learning process, but a life changing experience. I also lead the process of having our school recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School. We have kept that recognition each year since 2017.

My great passion is helping others to learn what they didn’t think they could accomplish. I am always looking to learn new things and help others as well. A life changing experience for me was becoming an MIEExpert. It helped me expand my knowledge and branch out and learn even more than I knew prior to becoming one. I have since helped others in my school building join the community and reap the benefit of the community. It is my goal to help others become lifelong learners. I truly believe that no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care! This is especially true for students.