Professional Learning Specialist

Cindy Etherton


Cindy EthertonPlaying video games was my first experience with computers and online learning was as a child when I frequented nickel arcades as often as my allowance would allow. In college and early in my career as a classroom teacher, I found myself often assisting peers and colleagues who were trying to understand how to use or integrate this new technical phenomenon. It made me wonder how to leverage computers to do more than workflow processes. Early on, my students and I often became beta-testers sharing out what we were discovering within our school and community. Later, I became interested in blended learning when I found my students quickly bored of more traditional teaching styles. As a result and a few degrees and several jobs later, I have found eLearning to be a powerful tool for a variety of ages and industries. This learning was expanded as I began to formally teach face-to-face and online students of all ages.

Currently, I am an instructional designer and instructor which means that my day job allows me to build and teach online courses for Oregon State University. In addition, I work in the K12 space as a STEAM facilitator and educational technology facilitator. I am also a recovering hockey player that has found herself in the Pacific Northwest where ice is often limited to one’s freezer. While I would love to play again, I am content to find a broom hockey community league in my area.