Professional Learning Specialist

Guilherme Strougo

Guilherme StrougoI am passionate about using technology as a tool that educators can use to inspire and engage students while making the learning process more efficient and meaningful. I love working with others to create or redesign curriculum to incorporate technology as an integral part of the learning process.

I have a Georgia Teacher Certificate with a focus on the Social Sciences education. I hold certificates as a MicrosoftInnovative Educator, Minecraft Certified Educator in addition to ESOL, TEFL, and Gifted Learned In-Field Certifications. I have also served as a Learning Focused School Improvement Model Trainer and was part of the Minecraft Adoption Program pilot for Cherokee County. I have also developed online pedagogy models for world history for the Georgia Department of Education and have served as group leader on the Working and Precision Review Committees for Revision of State Standards for the Department of Education of the State of Georgia.