Jeff Gearhart

Jeff is the Technology Coordinator for Brinnon School District in Brinnon, WA. A self-proclaimed “tech nerd”,  Jeff loves to have his hands on all the latest and greatest products and software. Jeff is in his fourth year as the technology coordinator and wears many “hats” throughout the school year. Jeff loves to teach and talk about Minecraft: Education Edition and has travelled across the country teaching other educators how to use Minecraft in the classroom. Jeff is also a Minecraft Global Mentor. As a mentor, Jeff supports other educators on their Minecraft journey and loves connecting with other like-minded educators to bring new innovative technologies into the classroom.

Jeff understands the importance of being able to integrate technology into the classroom, and is always looking for new ways to bring engagement and collaboration to his students.

Jeff enjoys the camaraderie among other educators and is able to experience and share this as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. Being able to network with so many other educators through social media is an important part of learning new ways to enhance learning. Being able to teach other educators how to use technologies has become a passion. When not working, Jeff loves spending my time with his family. Jeff is an avid sports fan (Go Hawks!) and technology guru (obviously)!

Areas of Expertise: MIE, Office 365, Sway, Office Mix, Forms,, OneNote, Surface Pro’s, Windows 10, CCGA, OneDrive, Smart Boards, iPads, MS Classroom, Class & Staff Notebooks, Corinth & LifeLiqe Interactive 3D Apps, Skype