Jenna Dawson

Jenna DawsonJenna Dawson is currently a Gifted Teacher at Schwarzkopf Elementary. Over the past few years, she has focused on acquiring technical certifications directly related to providing innovative digital curriculum that fosters an environment for hands-on learning as a Project Innovate Team Member. Specifically, Jenna holds the title of being a PBS Digital Innovator, Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and a Skype Master Teacher.   

As a Teacher of Gifted Students, she has been invited by the Supervisor of K-12 Gifted with Hillsborough County Public Schools to share monthly “TECH-knowledge-Y” tools with other gifted educators through the platform of Adobe Chat.  Jenna has also attended many educational technology focused conferences such as a PBS Digital Innovator LearningMedia Workshop, FETC, and most recently NCCE, where she had the opportunity to travel from Florida to Portland, Oregon through the MIEExpert Travel Program and present on “Bringing Inquiry Learning into the 21st Century Classroom.” 

 She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and will begin working on her Master’s Degree this fall. She has come to the realization in her teaching profession that technology touches almost every part of students’ lives and feels that integrating technology into the classroom is a priority in order to make learning relevant for students in today’s digital age.   

 Favorite Tech Tools: Nearpod, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft OneNote & Class Notebook, Skype in the Classroom, Coding and LEGO Robotics