Professional Learning Specialist

Jonathon Lee, M.A.

Jonathon LeeFor more than 18 years, Jonathon has been integrating technology to innovate his work. As a 4th and then 5th grade eMINTS teacher, Jonathon used inquiry-based instruction to engage students in creative practices. Jonathon served as a Professional Development Coordinator for his district and was a Science Curriculum co-chair for the Brentwood School District in Brentwood, MO. As an assistant principal, Jonathon used technology to provide meaningful feedback on instruction to staff. 

Jonathon has presented at many different conferences over the years. Highlights include ISTE19, KySTE18 & METC 17, 18 & 19. Jonathon also became the 1st ever ISTE Certified Educator. He is also an ISTE Certified Trainer and trains educators from all over the world in using technology in meaningful ways to innovate & create learning experiences for all students.