Professional Learning Specialist

Jose Garcia

Jose GarciaI believe all children deserve to have access to technology regardless of their socio-economic situation. Exposure is key in early education. Many children that I work with do not have access to a computer at home, therefore school is the only place they can receive some computer experience. When I visit classrooms and help teachers develop lessons that incorporate technology, I know that this will benefit students in the long run. Technology is key, and although it continues to evolve, the need will always be there.

I worked for the non-profit organization, I Have A Dream Foundation (IHAD), for seven years as an assistant coordinator. IHAD adopted a group of first grade students and promised them college scholarships upon high school graduation. My role was to support them throughout their K-12 education to ensure they had a successful transition toward their post-secondary goals. Many of them were part of my Technology Club. I received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University- San Bernardino. I’m also certified as a computer technician from Chaffey College. I began my current position as Instructional Technology Specialist at Fontana Unified School District in 2016. This is my second year as a MIE Expert. Furthermore, I was selected to attend Microsoft’s 2019 Education Exchange in Paris, France. Our district is also honored to have a Microsoft showcase school, Southridge Tech Middle School where I helped Dr. Rogers, the school principal, with apply for this distinction.