Professional Learning Specialist

Jason Mocherman, M.A.Ed.

Josh MochermanFor 20 years Josh Mocherman has been a teacher in Sarasota county educating young people at both the junior and high school level.  He received his bachelor’s degree from Florida Christian and a master’s in education from Walden University specializing in education administration.  Following in his father’s footsteps as a life-long educator, Josh quickly became a leader at Brookside Middle School in the early 2000s where he taught science and was team leader for a cohort of educators.  During his time at Brookside Middle School he was one of the first teachers to present all lessons in a digital format and utilized a 1 to 1 computer model.  He also coached volleyball and led the school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes program.

After 5 years in the middle school, Josh left to teach chemistry at his alma mater, Riverview High School, as part of the International Baccalaureate program.  As an IB level II trained chemistry teacher Josh focuses on teaching juniors and seniors in basic concepts of chemistry while facilitating over 40 hours of laboratory experiences throughout their two year course.  For the past 5 years Josh has been working as the instructor for the Nuclear Radiation program at Riverview High School and serves as the facility’s RSO (Radiation Safety Officer).

During his time at Riverview he has coached volleyball, sponsored the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and sponsored the school’s Senior Class government.  In 2013, Josh obtained the Masters +45 designation through both college credit and professional development courses where he continued to hone his skills as an educator.

In 2015 Sarasota County Public Schools began their Technology Trailblazers program which focused on allowing teachers to pioneer the use of technology in the classroom by providing them with a class set of Surface 3 tablets.  Josh applied and was awarded entry into the program in its first year.  During and since that time, he, and the other trailblazers, utilized OneNote, Office 356, and other Microsoft software to produce innovative lessons and learning experiences.

Josh enjoys reading, biking, fishing and running and keeps busy with his three children, Luke (17), Zachary (15) and Aubrey (12).  He and his wife, Melissa, have been married 23 years and both share a passion for teaching.  She currently teaches science at Sarasota Middle School.  Josh also serves as a musician and vocalist for his local congregation and is proficient on both guitar and piano.  He has lived in Sarasota for his entire life and looks forward retiring there, someday.