Professional Learning Specialist

Mimi Selevan

I am driven by the intrinsic satisfaction of a job well done. I thrive on being the go-to person others rely on for anything related to technology and project management.

With a career that began in hospitality management and focused on project management, employee hiring/training, and process improvements, I effectuated my leadership skills through leading large teams, building relationships, and driving operations. This provided a strong foundation for my shift into education and instruction where I have continued to develop policies, manage large technology projects, and create new processes that streamline communications and enhance district technology goals. I currently work as an Instructional Technology Facilitator. I design and facilitate training courses for Broward County Schools.

I have a natural talent for being able to look at things from various perspectives while simultaneously understanding how things affect different people. I am most passionate about making a difference, teaching people new things, and accomplishing tasks with 100% effort.

I have a knack for integrating technology into solving even the most difficult of problems which results in making things more efficient and productive. The problems I’ve solved include: budget writing, organizing large amounts of information, following guidelines and standards, differentiating curriculum based on needs, coordinating schedules, and creating multi-media presentations. Colleagues and supervisors alike view me as someone with zealous work ethic, strong integrity, and superior communications skills that drive even stronger collaboration and teamwork.

I enjoy connecting with instructors and technology-minded individuals, so please feel free to reach out to me.