Professional Learning Specialist

Ptosha Maclin, M.A.

PtoshaPtosha has served as an educator in various capacities. She began her career as a paraprofessional in 2000, then moved on to become an Elementary Teacher, Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal, and Principal/Administrator. She holds a Master of Science in Educational Leadership as well as a Master’s of Science as a Reading and Math Specialist.

Ptosha has led a wide range of schools, from Title I to the affluent. As a result, she’s been able to build positive relationships with a diverse group of parents, teachers, and students and gain a deeper understanding of the communities that she serves.

As a STEM Administrator, she led schools in her district to state-awarded STEM Designation. She’s also completed the Battelle Innovative Leaders Institute and McRel Leadership Training.

Her mission is to inspire future generations of global citizens and provide them with resources to become innovators and creative thinkers of the 21st Century