Professional Learning Specialist

Shea Henley

Shea Elam-HenleyI am a former classroom teacher with over three years of experience teaching at the public charter school level, grades 6th through 12th. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and a Masters of Education in STEM: Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University.

I have developed and implemented technology curriculum for a middle school Gateway to Technology course. During my second year at Friendship Public Charter Schools I became the Technology Cart Coordinator, where I was responsible for the distribution, maintenance and, security of all technology carts in the building. I successfully completed the year with 0 losses in assets.

I also bring with me my experience as a Testing Coordinator. Serving in that position I conducted, monthly professional developments on the administration of the computer-based PARCC examine, benchmark, and Map assessment. I ensured that every middle school student was tested, and provided the accommodations legally required. I made sure all testing environments adhered to regulations set out by the Office of State Superintendent of Education. I provided on-going training in all areas of testing.

As the 7th grade technology teacher I supported other teachers in integrating technology into their curriculum, the SSST processes, and weekly incentives for students. I have led parent/teacher/student restoratives. I have also created a culture of student success, responsibility, and creativity. I’ve also provided one-on-one behavior management and real-time coaching to fellow teachers. I have used learning management systems such as Schoology in my classroom and implemented typing interventions with my students to improve typing speed and accuracy. I have experience using and training others on SMART board technology as well.

In addition to my teaching background, I have been training educators, administrators, and district staff members on Microsoft tools and products for the past 5 years in Washington, DC, Dallas, Texas, and across the US. I am an educator with a commitment to making public education accessible to all students and providing quality and efficient training to the stakeholders involved in that process.