Trish Cloud

Trish CloudI am Patricia (Trish) Cloud and I live in Huntersville, North Carolina. Huntersville is a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina. Presently, I am the Coordinator of School Partnerships for the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system. In this role I work with helping elementary and middle schools start up coding clubs, help to train our after school enrichment team on using Chromebooks, and I work to train teachers in using Minecraft: Education Edition. In addition I work with local businesses in preparing for STEMersion a two-week long summer adventure for teachers as they learn how STEM is being used in businesses and bring that knowledge into their classrooms. Before I came to this position I was a Technology Associate for nearly ten years teaching elementary students Technology which included everything from keyboarding to digital citizenship to Minecraft.

This year I was selected as one of 300 Global Minecraft Mentors. We are the ones who promote the use of Minecraft: Education Edition in the classroom and try to write full-bodied engaging lessons using this tool. I am also a Certified Minecraft Educator and a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert.

Since so much of what I do is related to video gaming I try to make sure that as I teach I teach the Digital Citizenship that goes along with being in a virtual environment. I am a strong believer in that a computer screen is not something you hide behind. I tell students frequently that the way you treat someone in real life is how you should be treating them in game. I try to model and constantly remind students of these values as they explore their virtual environment.

These attributes are not something that I reserve for the workplace. My hobby is video gaming. I have been playing World of Warcraft for many years and I consider it my main hobby. It is through the gaming community that I initially learned of Minecraft around 2011 and that is when I began playing. So when I teach students about being in a virtual environment it is something I am very familiar with. I believe video games can be used for education and learning so that is the goal I have been working toward for many years. I have a husband who is generally amused at my hobby, and I have two daughters who are both gamers themselves. My oldest daughter attends North Carolina State University and my other daughter is a junior in high school here in a CMS school.