Exciting news! Don't miss NCCE's @MsLibrarianLady's informative and engaging presentations on applying #GoogleSites and providing support for executive functioning using apps at #TCEA2023 in San Antonio!

Details at https://buff.ly/3QHOIQ2


YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS NCCE's @jmocherman at #TCEA23 in San Antonio! He will guide you through building truly magical tools with Microsoft's Power Platform!

Details at https://buff.ly/3knh4mi

#IamNCCE #MicrosoftEDU

NCCE's @butterflynix will share amazing presentations at #TCEA23 in San Antonio, including coding with Micro:bit, cybersecurity with http://Cyber.org, and cyber careers! Don't miss out!

Find out more at https://buff.ly/3XrqOdI


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