Nikki Vradenburg

Nikki Vradenburg, teacher ambassador with MontanaPBS at Montana State University, Monday, July 16, 2018, in Bozeman, Mont.
MSU Photo by Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez

NCCE is excited to announce our first graduates of the ISTE certification. First up, from Montana PBS, Nikki Vradenburg! The ISTE Certification for Educators is a rigorous professional certification for ambitious educators, leaders, and coaches wishing to transform teaching pedagogy with digital learning. Using a hybrid model encompassing both face to face and online learning components. Nikki completed approximately 30 hours of dynamic instruction and activities and then assembled an eportfolio for the ISTE Certification Team.

Nikki Vradenburg is from Bozeman, Montana and joined MontanaPBS in 2017 to implement the Teacher Community Program grant–an initiative to support teachers in rural Montana schools and build capacity in the Education work of rural PBS stations. Nikki brings 16 years of K-5 classroom teaching experience to her role as Director of Education at MontanaPBS in which she serves K-12 educators in Montana. Nikki is proud to provide professional development for rural Montana teachers interested in technology integration and media literacy. She also leads the production of digital learning resources contributed to PBS LearningMedia by MontanaPBS and is overseeing the station’s efforts to support early childhood educators and the families of preschool children in Montana. Nikki is a National Board Certified teacher with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and is honored to have been a finalist for Montana Teacher of the Year in 2017. She is in the process of earning an Ed.D in Curriculum and Instruction researching collaborative professional development and media literacy education for K-12 educators.

Nikki Vradenburg


Please share with us one take-away from the ISTE Certification process.

The feedback I got from the assessors during the certification process helped me to think about areas I had not done as much work, such as teaching students about online safety and attribution.

What quote inspires you?

“We need others to complement and develop our own expertise. This collective character of knowledge does not mean that individuals don’t count. In fact, the best communities’ welcome strong personalities and encourage disagreements and debates. Controversy is part of what makes a community vital, effective, and productive.”

― Etienne Wenger, Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge

What books are you currently reading?

Create to Learn by Renee Hobbs

What podcasts are you currently listening to?

The Creative Classroom by John Spencer

How can people connect with you?

I am an active twitter  and instagram user:

Twitter: @NVradenburg

Instagram: @nikkivradenburg

Interested in learning more about becoming ISTE Certified for yourself? NCCE is here to help:

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