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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does NCCE provide training on E-Rate?

Yes!  NCCE offers short (1-2 hour) trainings on a variety of E-Rate related topics, customizable to your group or organization.

How much does the NCCE charge for their E-Rate Services?

NCCE offers competitive rates. Given the full-service nature of our program, our customers can expect to spend just a few short hours each year supporting E-Rate.

Our rates are fair: unlike some services that charge a percentage of what you receive back, NCCE charges a flat rate per school with no hidden fees, and no billing “surprises.”

Can NCCE help my district if we need support for just one component of the E-Rate program?

Yes!  While we believe our full-service rate program offers the best value for our customers we can provide hourly support to help with specific program components.

We’re already working with a consultant for the current “E-Rate Year.” If we sign up with NCCE will we have to work with two consultants until the current year has ended?

No. If you join NCCE’s E-Rate program we will transfer all pending applications and processes to the NCCE and finish the work on your behalf for no additional charge.

How do I know if NCCE’s E-Rate services are right for my district?

Call us!  We’d love to talk about how we can work together to your school has access to the infrastructure and supports to ensure higher levels of student and educator success through the use of 21st Century technology!