As the world rapidly transforms into a more digital landscape, education must stand at the forefront, continuously evolving to remain ahead of the game. At NCCE (Northwest Council for Computer Education), we understand the challenges educators face in integrating technology into their teaching practices. That’s why we work closely with schools and districts of all sizes across the globe to provide tailored professional learning experiences. 

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NCCE Social Media 32

At NCCE, we’re dedicated to empowering educators with the resources they need to thrive in the digital age and lead the charge in transforming learning experiences. Discover how NCCE can address your professional learning needs and positively impact lives through partnership. Our specialists are not just trainers; they’re your biggest advocates. With an empathetic educator lens, we support teaching students in any learning environment.

Our specialists are experts in supporting educators in successfully integrating digital resources and innovative teaching practices into their schools and classrooms. 

From increasing student success and certification opportunities to engaging students with educator-created curricula and resources, we’re committed to empowering educators to elevate learning experiences.

Empowering Educators and Students 

Here are some ways we can partner:

  • Live Lessons: At NCCE, we understand the critical role of technology in preparing students for success in a rapidly evolving economy. That’s why we offer Live Lessons, a revolutionary approach to virtual teaching. Imagine having a virtual guest teacher—a Minecraft Certified Educator—leading interactive sessions right in your classroom. These 60-minute sessions are packed with innovative ideas and strategies, allowing both teachers and students to learn new skills through hands-on modeling and interactive tools.
  • Microsoft Learn for Educators: We also provide comprehensive training and tools to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Learn for Educators into the classroom. Whether you’re a Business, Computer Science, or Information Technology teacher or just starting out with Microsoft Learn for Educators, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary resources to prepare your students for the workforce, higher education, and beyond.
  • Professional Learning Support: NCCE’s Professional Learning Specialists excel in empowering educators to seamlessly blend digital tools with best practice teaching methodologies, facilitating comprehensive training sessions both virtually and in person. With our adept trainers spanning the nation, NCCE excels in working at each educator’s pace with onsite coaching services. We work to build a strong understanding of technology integration in tailoring sessions to your precise requirements on the fly. Committed to collaboration, our team stands ready to support your institution, district, or group, regardless of your geographical location within the US.

  • Inclusivity and Equity: We’re passionate about fostering inclusivity and equity in the classroom. By leveraging tools like Microsoft Teams, we empower educators to create collaborative learning environments where every student can thrive. Features such as dictation, Translator, and Learning Tools ensure that students of all abilities have equal access to opportunities for success. See how some of these can be implemented in these live demos.
  • And much more! At NCCE, our goal is to empower educators and students to excel in a digital world. We have too many resources to list, with new additions regularly added. 

NCCE is committed to bridging the digital divide in schools by empowering educators to embrace technology and innovate in the classroom. Together, we can make a difference and enable students to change the world. To learn more about what we can offer schools and educators, visit our website or contact us today

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