Many of the largest EdTech companies in Europe released their predictions of what will happen in the e-learning space in 2014.  Their top 12 trends are listed below:

  1. Big focus on user engagement
  2. From MOOCS to “Selective Online Courses”, or SOOCS
  3. Widespread adoption of BYOD strategies
  4. The rise of data and analytics to drive adaptive learning programmes
  5. Mobile casual & informal learning apps
  6. Peer-to-peer learning platforms
  7. Increased use of video and immersive learning environments
  8. Emergence of learning record stores
  9. Increased focus on rewards, certification and accreditation
  10. Large media corporates actively investing in e-Learning
  11. Continued growth in online-enabled private tuition
  12. Growing adoption of technology as a delivery mechanism on government-funded vocational skills training market

Do you agree with the focus on a greater emphasis on content, user engagement and peer-to-peer learning?  Share you comments below and read more about this press release here.

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