Would you like to take your students on the field trip of a lifetime?  You can this year for free with GoNorth! PolarHusky.com offers students ages 6-18 amazing learning opportunities with live updates from the field February through May every year.  I wanted to highlight this outstanding program now so you all had time to research and plan for this great learning opportunity.  Here are some details:

Free to the entire K-12 community and our worldwide audience of all ages, our programming use the allure of long Arctic journeys pulled by powerful sled dogs and paired with Arctic research as the vehicle to explore natural and social sciences while we experience cultures and life in the Arctic.

Since 2000 our adventure learning expeditions have circumnavigated the Arctic to observe, experience, and document traditional ecological knowledge and collect previously unknown in-situ environmental realities – while collaborating with K-12 students and teachers in state-of-the-art online learning environments. Every year inquiry-based curricula is developed to center on an environmental issue that changes to reflect the expedition’s current Arctic locale and associated indigenous cultures. Field data is incorporated in the curriculum generating a unique opportunity to learn real science with real people and real data. Data collected on the trail support us all in understanding natural and social sciences from an indigenous cultural perspective as well as the science community in their development and validation of models and theories.


This is one of the best virtual field trips currently available. Both eSchool News and Edutopia have written about the its quality and engagement for students.  In addition to this years adventure “Racing Beringia” PolarHusky has archived the pervious 14 years of adventures. I would highly recommend going to: http://arcticblast.polarhusky.com/register to register for your account and receive access to previous years sites.

In addition, the Racing Beringia website will give you great insight into the curriculum materials.  This year is a continuation of content from Racing Beringia so you could use the previous years events to prep your class for the new content starting this February.  If you decide to use this curriculum or have used it in the past, please share your experiences with the community.

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