Have you been looking for an online simulation to help your students understand a Math or Science concept better? ExploreLearning’s Gizmos are a great place to start. ExploreLearning has been around for over 10 years which gives them a true advantage in the amount of simulations they have been able to build in that time. With over 450 simulations ranging from 3rd to 12th grade in the areas of Math and Science, you would be hard pressed to find a learning objective that doesn’t have an associated Gizmo. Gizmos have been Common Core aligned since 2011 and are searchable by standard, grade level, state, textbook, and subject. These simulations work great in a computer lab or to demonstrate a concept in front of the class with your interactive whiteboard.  Recently, ExploreLearning added a Gizmos App for the iPad to give iOS users access to their simulation library. ExploreLearning’s goal is to create that “ah-hah” moment for students with Gizmos:

Water DisplacementExploreLearning Gizmos are all about the “Ah-Hah!” moment, that miraculous instant when something inside your brain clicks and suddenly whatever was puzzling you now makes perfect sense.

You may recall the story of Archimedes, who discovered the principles of water displacement and buoyancy in the bathtub. The “Ah-Hah!” moment sent Archimedes leaping from the tub to run down the street shouting “Eureka!” — which is Greek for “I found it!”

This video goes into more detail about Gizmos and shows them in action:


ExploreLearning offers a 30 day trial for all Gizmos. If you haven’t checked them out, they are worth some time to investigate. If you have, share with us your experience below.

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