This article is the first of many “first looks”.  At ISTE, Jason and I spent time on the vendor floor looking for new products and companies.  Our “first look” series is the result of those meetings.  First looks are not ment to be full fledged reviews, but rather a look at newly released or upcoming software, hardware, or research around Edtech. With that stated let’s take a look at Press 4 Kids:

News-O-Matic offers children from 7 to 11 their first DAILY newspaper! Our editorial team produces five news stories each day, covering the latest in world news, science, sports, as well as the wacky stories kids love. With News-O-Matic, readers will also have access to amazing history timelines, fun news games, interactive maps, and countless other features.

Readers will not only have the opportunity to explore the latest current events but they will be given a voice as well. They will be able to rate the articles, ask questions, and even submit drawings that relate to the news.

News-O-Matic helps create a fun daily reading routine — all while encouraging readers to become knowledgeable, global citizens. It offers a window to the world (and beyond)!

I was very impressed with the News-O-Matic app.  The daily content is written at an appropriate reading level (7 to 11 age range) and there was many opportunities to interact with the content.    I can see classroom integration with either a single iPad projected, in a 1:1 environment, or in a traveling iPad scenario.  At $20 for a year long subscription, News-O-Matic offers great value.  Check it out for yourself!


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