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Recently, 39 dedicated Gallup-McKinley County School employees attained their Microsoft Certified Educator Certification (MCE), showcasing proficiency aligned with the 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) Framework for Educators. This framework equips teachers with tangible and effective methods to cultivate 21st-century skills among students through the integration of digital technologies in their teaching practices. “We are so proud of the 39 Gallup- McKinley County School District educators who studied and passed the Microsoft Certified Educator Certification with a perfect pass rate,” stated NCCE CEO Shannon Davenport.

The following Gallup-McKinley County Schools employees successfully attained their MCE Certification:

  • Albert Marion Quiap, Catherine A. Miller Elementary
  • Alethea Poyer, Thoreau Elementary
  • Alvin Rey Cana, Gallup Central High School
  • Alyssa Martinez, Chief Manuelito Middle School
  • Amber Fry, Gallup High School
  • Ana Tabares, John F. Kennedy Middle School
  • Ana Tapel, Tohatchi High School
  • Bryheem Forbes, Tohatchi High School
  • Dana Peterman, Thoreau Elementary
  • Deana Larson, Ramah High School
  • Denise Swatzell, Lincoln Elementary
  • Elmer Invento, Tohatchi High Schoo
  • Erwin Fuentes-Balbuena, John F. Kennedy Middle School
  • Feb Christian Silva, Crownpoint Elementary
  • Flordemae Jamito, Catherine A. Miller Elementary
  • Janice Benally, Tohatchi Middle School
  • Jennifer Crowe, Gallup High School
  • Jesselle Garbo-Acson, Crownpoint Elementary-MORE-
  • Jesus Trejo, Stagecoach Elementary
  • Joel Gorton, Gallup Middle School
  • Karenn Caponpon, Red Rock Elementary
  • Krysten Beard, Red Rock Elementary
  • Laura Smith, Thoreau Middle School
  • Leanne Buikema, Catherine A. Miller Elementary
  • Madeleine Gutierrez, Miyamura High School
  • Maria Mirafuentes, Miyamura High School
  • Martina Martin, Crownpoint Elementary
  • Mary Faith Silva, Crownpoint Elementary
  • Melanie Van Dorp, Indian Hills Elementary
  • Mercy Obonan, Chief Manuelito Middle School
  • Misti Shultz, Gallup High School
  • Rachel Anjao, Tohatchi High School
  • Raphelia Rivas, Thoreau High School
  • Shawna Grassie, Ramah High School
  • Sheila Dallego, Indian Hills Elementary
  • Susselle Tolentino, Miyamura High School
  • Taylor Ramirez, Miyamura High School
  • Versailles Benally, Lincoln Elementary
  • Winston Ramirez, Indian Hills ElementaryMCE skills measured include:
  • Facilitate student collaboration
  • Facilitate skilled communication
  • Facilitate self-regulation
  • Facilitate real-world problem solving and innovation
  • Facilitate student use of Information and Communications Tools (ICT)
  • Facilitate student use of ICT to be an effective educatorGallup-McKinley County School District made a significant investment in professional learning as part of a partnership with Staples and NCCE for members of the blended learning influencer team for the last two years. One hundred percent of the participants who took the exam successfully passed. Participants shared their experiences, with one expressing deep gratitude to Crownpoint Elementary School for providing the platform to embark on this initiative within the district. “Passing the Microsoft Educator Certification Exam is not just a personal achievement but a testament to dedication and commitment to enhancing educational practices. As a teacher, this certification isn’t just a badge; it’s a promise to evolve,” Feb Silva added.

Others shared how beneficial it was for them to obtain their MCE certification.

“Earning my Microsoft Certified Educator certification was a challenging yet rewarding journey. I trained for 2 years as a Blended Learning Influencer to equip myself with 21 CLD and the integration of technology in my class. The process not only deepened my understanding of integrating technology in education but also equipped me with the tools to enhance student learning experiences. This certification underscores the importance of continuous professional development in an ever-evolving educational landscape,” stated Winston Ramirez.

NCCE CEO Shannon Davenport praised Gallup-McKinley County School District’s investment in empowering their employees. “Over the past three years, our team has been proud to partner with one the largest school districts in New Mexico, witnessing significant growth in student success, operational processes, and the utilization of technology tools,” Davenport added.

Mary Faith Silva expressed her gratitude, stating: “Achieving the Microsoft Certified Educator certification goes beyond simply acing a test; it signifies a dedication to mastering tools that enhance experiences and motivate students. Each phase of the certification process contributes to developing into a tech educator who shapes the future of education.”

In celebration of their dedication and achievement, Staples and NCCE extends its heartfelt congratulations to everyone who has demonstrated their commitment to enhancing digital literacy and educational excellence through the MCE Certification process. “It has been a privilege to serve all of the Gallup-McKinley County School teachers on blended learning since the fall of 2020,” expressed Davenport. “This separate group of blended learning influencer teachers have been together for the last two years working on the MCE curriculum and their hard work and dedication paid off,” she shared.

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