NoreenNoreen Dooley, a former Technology Coordinator at St. John Paul ll Catholic School in Houston, Texas, joined Northwest Council for Computer Education, NCCE, on January 3. She has supported PK-12 grade students, teachers, and parents for over twenty years and partnered with community organizations. As the newest Coordinator of Professional Learning for NCCE, Dooley will continue building relationships with our clients. Her expertise will help NCCE increase our training capacity for Google by developing plans to service both IT administrators and Instructional Technology, grow our experience in coaching services, and increase Instructional uses of Microsoft Minecraft Education Edition.

NCCE CEO Heidi Rogers sees Noreen’s previous job as a Technology Coordinator and Professional Learning Specialist as a valuable asset. “As a digital innovator, she excels at questioning assumptions, reframing problems, and approaching existing situations with new digital methods, perspectives, and solutions,” Rogers said.

“Noreen is going to be a great addition to our team because she leads with a servant’s heart; she focuses on encouraging and growing those whom she serves around her,” said Director of Professional Learning Shannon Davenport. “She has exceptional leadership experience and will bring her strengths of listening and observing with a growth mindset, as well as driving change through the organization with her intrinsic motivation, Davenport added.

NCCE is a not-for-profit, 4000 plus member-based organization based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, that has supported the use of technology in education for the last 51 years. The mission and vision of NCCE are focused on leading, engaging, and assisting educational communities in reaching higher levels of student and educator success using 21st-century technology.

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