If you do not have access to Microsoft Word, you can use Google Docs to edit and or create your documents. The following documentation outlines the process:To start you will need to change a setting in your Google Drive to handle Word files correctly. Login to your Google Drive account and click the settings icon:


In the Settings window, make sure the “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format” is checked:


Now when you upload an existing Word Document you can edit it in Google Docs. To start, click the “New” button in your Google Drive and “File upload”:


Locate the Word Document on your computer, select it and open:


Google Drive will show the document uploading and converted:


Your converted Document will be available in your drive for you to edit:


Once you have made your edits if you need to turn in a Word Document you can download your edited work in Microsoft Word format:

download word doc


That is all there is to it!


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