Are you or your students working on digital projects with an eye on design?  Let me ask… what font are you using?  Font choice is often seen as an afterthought as opposed to pictures and other graphics.  Often, default choices are used, or, worse, a less-than-innovative choice can bring the illusion of originality.  Witness the “ban comic sans movement” that attempts to shame digital designers into avoiding the font as “tacky.”

However, how do we encourage our students to use good typography without getting to distracted by the many options?  This infographic might help:

So You Need a Typeface

(Click the graphic above to go to a share-able version of this page!)
This quick reference chart gives students an excellent flowchart for picking a font family depending on the need in your project without the need to test several options.
In your classroom, you can simply provide a link to this page on as part of your project instructions (or even use a QR code if you are so inclined!) and call it good.
What tools do you like to use to encourage good digital design in the classroom?  Hit us up in the comments below or see us on Twitter!
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