I have been spending time with the recently released Wonderbox for iOS. I have been impressed with the depth and content the app provides children. Wonderbox is completely free and promotes itself for all ages but in reality elementary age children will find this app most appealing.

WonderBox: Explore & Learn Science, Geography, Music, and Design

My daughters (10 and 7) have enjoyed exploring and creating within the app. During the initial setup, you are prompted to enter and adult email so students can send questions or creations to a parent or teacher. All content and design was in collaboration with educators and that collaboration shows in the apps content depth while appropriately chunking information. In the classroom, this app will work best in a one to one environment as it’s support for multiple logins is limited and would quickly become cumbersome in a class set that is shared throughout the school.


Give it a look and let us know you thoughts in the comments section below…


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