We have featured Chelsie Jolley, a teacher in Stillwater, Minnesota, previously on the NCCE blog.  She has also written a guest post on this blog about geocaching with her students.

Chelsie was recently featured in a video promoting the educational foundation in her district for writing grant proposals to bring geocaching technology to her classroom.  The two minute video is nothing short of amazing as you can see her students engaged in some amazing activities outdoors with technology:

I am particularly interested in Chelsie’s story here.  She was first introduced to geocaching at the NCCE conference in Portland.  Inspired by the technology, she has, year after year, honed her craft to bring a wonderfully engaging platform to her primary classroom.  The ultimately result is inspired students.  That’s why technology can be so powerful: if it inspires you to think differently about teaching, learning or engaging, the ultimately winners are our students.


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